Elevate Your Fitness Journey

Welcome to the ultimate spot where passion, precision, and style collide! At Blackmore Media, we're all about turning your fitness grind into epic visuals that pack a punch. We're not just snapping pics or shooting vids; we're transforming your fitness journey into a visual masterpiece. Get ready to unleash the power of your story!

Your fitness journey is more than just working out, counting macros, and feeling healthier. Think challenges, grit, and all those awesome wins. At Blackmore Media, we specialize in bringing your story to life. Our fitness shoots are designed to showcase your WHY
Learn more about our Fitness Shoots and Show Day packages below!

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Fitness shoots: Fuel Your MOtivation

There’s nothing like a hype video to boost motivation, showcase routines, and display your physical achievements. We're all about making these epic, high-energy videos that capture the heart and soul of your workouts. Perfect for social media, websites, or sponsorships, our fitness shoots are designed to inspire, motivate, and make yourself proud. You'll receive a full-length video, vertical reels for socials, and a full gallery of photos!

Prep Series and Show Day packages

There is so much dedication and work that goes into each and every prep. Getting to Show Day is a HUGE accomplishment. You've come this far and you should be SO proud of yourself. Connect with us about our Prep Series and Show Day photo and video packages. We'll be coming in hot with cinematic vlog-style Chris Bumstead vibes... just sayin'. 

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"Tracey and Tom are amazing photographers and so fun to shoot with! I really felt confident in my photoshoot at the gym especially with Tracey as the hype woman! And the content was fiiire!! Highly highly recommend booking them for your next shoot!"
-McKenzie Horton

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Let's Elevate Your Fitness Brand Together

Choosing Blackmore Media means opting for a crew that GETS IT. We're right there with you, up at 4:30am to head to the gym before a day of hustling at work. With our personal experience, our expertise in fitness videography and photography, and our passion for storytelling and branding, we are the ultimate partner in elevating your fitness brand to new heights.

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Transform your Gym Advertising

In the world of fitness, visibility is everything. Let us take your gym's advertising to the next level with stunning, high-quality imagery that captures the intensity and energy of your space. From dynamic action shots to detailed equipment displays, our photography and videography services will ensure your gym and personal training services stand out, attracting new members and inspiring current ones.